well hello, antagonism

One thing I’ve finally realized: I must stay far away from my sub-genre during the frustrating middle of drafting.

I LOVE paranormal/fantastical YA, but when I’m writing it, I can’t read it. Even if the book being read would be perfectly fine any other time, I feel the urge to edit the plot or the prose or the voice in the context of MY main character’s world. I’m completely antagonistic toward the story, and this doesn't exactly make for fun reading. Is this just me, or is this a normal writerly happening?

Now back to reading and writing! Oh, and tea-drinking. Can't forget all that tea.


  1. HMM, I've heard other writers talk about it before. It's either THAT or they start comparing their own writing and don't feel they live up to the book in their hands.

    For me, I just read. I love reading, so why should I let anything get in the way? Makes things easier!

  2. You DO have a point. And there's nothing like reading a well-written book to inspire you to get your own story out there!