but I digress. . .

Whatev-line has come . . . and gone.

Am working on six different stories. SIX. Is that normal? I actually DO like all of them, so that's probably a good sign.

'Til the next.


a lobotomy would be good right about now

Layla the Harpy's Playlist:

'Layla' – Eric Clapton
'Rabbit Heart' – Florence & the Machine
'Rest My Chemistry' – Interpol
'Der Kommissar' – After the Fire
'Talking In Your Sleep' – The Romantics
'Brick By Boring Brick' – Paramore
'To Lose My Life' – White Lies
'Heaven on Earth' – Britney Spears
'The Boy Who Destroyed the World' – AFI
'Don't Bring Me Down' – Electric Light Orchestra
'Rebel Yell' – Billy Idol
'Frozen Creek' – Circa Survive
'Two Receivers' – Klaxons
'A Perfect Sonnet' – Bright Eyes
'Girls' Marina & the Diamonds
'Running up that Hill' – Placebo
'Kingdom of Doom' The Good, the Bad, and the Queen
'We Are the Involuntary'Underoath
'Blood on our Hands' – Death From Above 1979
'Monster' – Lady Gaga
'Host Disorder'Every Time I Die
'Staring at the Sun' TV on the Radio
'Diamond Eyes'Deftones
'Oh My God' Kaiser Chiefs

Totally botched my "deadline," but Layla and I needed a well-deserved break.Now I'm working on something NEW. Plot points have been floating around in my head for a while and now they're puzzling themselves together for me, in the POVs of both a girl and a boy (which, holy crap, can I think like a boy? hopefully?). It feels . . . good. A slow stream of a story versus the silty puddle of Harpy I had to skim through.

Snippets of research:
Effects of chemicals on the human body
International flight times
Bullet trains
Passport stamps

HOPING to be done by the time the new semester starts (three weeks). But as I've found out about self-imposed deadlines, I suck at them. They're more like whatevs-I'll-finish-when-I-want-even-if-that's-never lines. I WILL BE DONE BY THANKSGIVING. Please, brain of mine. Cooperate. :)