wishful thinking

YOU (imaginary) GUYS. All of my characters for LAYLA: FAST TIMES AT MOUNT MYTHICAL have their own plot arcs. Not that they didn't before, but now the information's written down and shiny and magic marker-y. Right now I'm as happy as this girl with the balloons. (Well, I can't exactly see her face, and therefore can't see The Happy—but she's frolicking in a field with BALLOONS. That means she's happy, right? RIGHT.)

I CAN ALMOST SEE THE END OF MY STORY. I will also now proceed to knock on every item I pass that is wood. And do my homework so I don't have to worry about it while I'm trying to finish LAYLA AND THE HALF BLOOD HARPIES. Or that's a lie, because I hate homework.

*Current draft* word count of WIP:
30110 | 65000

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