decisions, decisions (elude me).

Tonight I started re-writing. Even though I told myself I wouldn't do anything else until I wrote "the end." Figuratively. But then a new perspective popped into my brain tonight, which really wanted to be typed out. Oh. And Secret Creature MC has a new name: LAYLA. Which I think might be her fourth name now. Crippling indecisiveness is really not a good quality. Ever.

I'm really liking the new way I've written the story, but I keep wanting to copy and paste from my last draft. I will refrain—or TRY to—so this really can be a whole new draft. And hopefully the best one. I mean, come on already, self. Either way, Layla (hello, Clapton, and your awkwardly subjected masterpiece—very YA love triangle—I can't go twenty minutes without listening to) will not be ignored! Or shoved away into the scariest recesses of my brain to be forgotten, either.

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